Hi there, this page is about me and things that are on my mind. Yes I am posting them on fb, twitter and tumblr and google+.  Everyone is encouraged to send me their feedback and I would love to have a discussion. I like a good debate I dont want to sling mud or piss on others. However, this is my page and for the most part these will be my thoughts and feelings.
I am open, honest and will tell you what you want to know if you ask. I am however kind. I have a good heart. I dont like to hurt people nor do I like to be hurt. I try to be fair to everyone.
I suffer from Migraines and Cluster headaches and there are many days that I just cant pick my head up off the pillow. For those of you who have either, you know exactly what I am talking about then I feel your pain as you feel mine.

Recently I had a life changing experience.  A band that I truly adore well they kinda ostracized me for I dont know what. To this day I am still trying to find out why this happened. I seriously have no idea, no one is speaking, no one will share. They are going on tour next year and it will be very strange. Will I be allowed to go to the Meet and Greets? Will they say something to me? Will I find out what happened?

People make mistakes, we all are faulty of something, no one is perfect and we need to remember that.  This is not the Stepford Wives nor a Hallmark Card.  I just wish/hope that the people that matter will read this, see this and realize that they too are not perfect and I will be forgiven for whatever I did.

I thank God Street Drum Corps is in my life. They make me very happy, their music, their lifestyle and their outlook on life make my life so much better. I try to listen to them at least once a day if not more. So thank you Bobby Alt, Adam Alt, Frank Zummo and all the rest of the Street Drum Corps crew for making my life bearable in this shitty time. i-krgfDK8


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