On the outside looking in

As I sit here day after day seeing the hype of a new album, a new life, a new era, I feel like a poor child looking through a bakery window in the cold early morning, hungry, watching the baker fill the window with all the freshly baked breads and pastries. I haven’t a penny to purchase even a nibble, I can only watch from the outside as the window starts to grow foggy by the warmth sweet-smelling breads. My mouth waters, my stomach is hungry for just a taste.

These are the same feelings I have as the months grow into weeks, into days, and into hours. I so want to feel and share the excitement I have for this new album. I want to share and help spread the excitement that is growing day by day. Everyday, I wake with a new hope that today just might be the day that my “get out of Jail” card was given, that my pardon went through. That whatever the issue was, I was forgiven. Every morning, it’s the same no I am still not allowed in the bakery. I don’t even know why.

If I had a chance to face my accuser perhaps I would know what I was being accused of. Also if I was given a chance to even have a conversation with said accuser maybe everything would be ok.  I don’t know, all I know is that I want to be excited, I want to be promoting, excited for this album, to be making plans to travel, see old friends, meet new friends and see the people who have changed my life in so many ways.  All the memories and to make new memories.

I don’t want to be the child looking through the window at all the wonderful pastries without a chance to taste even one


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