Each time I see you I miss you more

Yes I know its stupid, but each time I see a picture of you I miss you just a miss you more because I am not sure if we will ever have a chance to speak again.  To figure out what ever happened for us to be at this crossroads in life.

I can’t say I was your #1 fan, I doubt anyone can say that but I know I was/am pretty up there. I would do anything for this band and especially you. Even after everything that has happened I would still do what you asked me to do. Is that stupid or passion? Some will call it stupid, some will call it passion. My old friends  who were the older Echelon would call it stupidity.  Sometimes I agree with it, at other times I have to say I disagree. It’s hard to swallow when I see a current picture of you like today.  My heart sinks, I remember the funny times we had over the past years. The mess ups we made you sing, the requests you sang for me.

It’s with a broken heart that I am asking, praying to you that whatever  was the case it will be forgiven and forgotten when I see you again because your shows are my drug. For anyone who has never been to a 30 Show they are in for a treat.


jared staring at the sun 1192013


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