Believers yet another ironic tweet

Thank you so very much to all the believers for never doubting us or our intentions. You are the ones we will never forget. #ECHELON ~  Jared Leto

So Jared posted this on twitter at 2 something am on Jan 5th. He was thanking all the people who never doubted him. The funny ironic thing yet again about this post is that the I did not stop believing in him but rather he stopped believing in me.

I, for one, know for a fact that the people I have met since I have been in this situation, the Echelon, were not the ones who were bad mouthing him, doing the illegal uploads, lying, or doubting him or the band.  Instead he chooses to continue to believe in the ones who do the illegal downloading, bad mouthing, lying, stealing. The honest hard working Echelon are the forgotten, the castaways, the nobodys, the ghosts in the back of the room.

Jared preaches that we are all family, that we all make mistakes and we should all help each other but when push comes to shove he doesn’t heed his own words and lead by example, but rather he makes a haste judgement and just casts out those who may have had a bad day or said something he took in the wrong context or whatever the case may be. But none of that really matters because with each click of the block button there is someone on the other side hurt.

I remember the days when Jared promoted self made merch. I miss those days.

It is a sad day that it has come to this, that Jared, what was once the strongest most powerful army fanbase out there in the music business, the Echelon, has now huge cracks in the foundation because of this young and old ways of thinking. The hypocritical ways of treating people, for the lies, the distrust and the blocking when instead there should be compassion. There is still time to fix this but only one person can do this. Not EMMA, OR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS ENTERPRISE, ONLY ONE CAN DO THIS. BE THE MAN/LEADER/PATRIARCH THAT YOU SET OUT TO BE , FOR THE ECHELON WAY BACK IN 2002. THIS WAS YOUR DREAM, WE ALL WANT THAT DREAM. DON’T BREAK THE HEARTS OF THE FEW WHICH IN TURN BREAK THE HEARTS OF MANY


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