Wasnt exactly a brilliant day……

About 3 hours into work, I got a terrible stabbing pain in my head that completely wiped me out. I felt like I had to sleep somewhere, anywhere. It actually took a few hours to make it so I could clinically function again. My eyes are so sleepy.

However on a great note, today in the mail I got to more Christmas well now they are just holiday cards, because I actually put them on my door in my hallway and enjoy them all year long. I stop and look at my door all the time. This door makes me very happy no matter what and the ones that send me pictures, I actually keep and save.  Some this year were a but late on both our parts but thats ok we both knew they were going to be late. So I wanted to take a picture of all my cards that are on my door. They will stay there all year and yes I do stop and look at them throughout the year. For those I forgot to send a card to I am so so sorry, but not to fear, I still have Valentines, Easter and of course ST PATTYS!!!! I ran out of time this year, I will try harder next year.

So here is my wall door. much love and thanks to all again.

If you sent me a card can you find yours??? :]



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