2013 again as I cant seem to find the “save” button……

So I have been sitting here for oh 6 hours now well actually more like 18 trying to figure out what I want my first post of 2013 to say……..

Oh my how witty it is already blick.

2012 I was so hoping would be a great year. Well it wasn’t, all in all it sucked balls. Sure there were good aspects but when I look at the year as a whole it wasn’t that great. I lost some great friends. Both in life and thru death. I have terrible headaches, just life got really hard and when I thought it couldn’t get harder it did.

A band that I greatly respected as human beings completely showed their true nature. I had been warned by friends how bad they were treating me.  I guess I had blinders on. I didn’t believe my friends, I believed the band.  I owe these friends the biggest apologize now and thank you for being my friend and still being my friends to this day. You know who you are.

I believed in them, I trusted my what I were my true feelings at the time, for the better part of 10 years I had given a good portion of my life and money.  Some of my friends didn’t get the life style of being an Echelon and it was ok, they accepted the fact that they didn’t understand and were still my friend because we were friends. Others well they just couldn’t handle it and they moved on. I was always especially happy when someone I worked with became interested in 30 Seconds to Mars and started listening to their music, asked about the Echelon and what the symbology meant. It was great to shear this band with people.  Especially when I could give them  a CD I had bought and they wanted to know when the next tour was, showing them the website, just getting them all the information I could get.

I wore my two charms daily with pride the Triad and Glyph, when my Triad had to be cut off when I was admitted to the hospital a good person made sure I had a new one to wear within days.

I went to 60+ shows, not that it matters to the band, but I thank them for that due to some simple things. One. I got to see the world and go places that I didn’t think I was going to see again. I got to meet some of the best people in the world.  They have all erased me except one and well she isn’t my friend. I have emailed her even because I have tried many times to interact with her, to meet up when I am in CA and nothing. So I know she drew the “short” straw and was told to continue to follow me so I wouldn’t do anything wrong. Like I would start doing that now.  See I am not that kind of a person. That is not in my nature. Obviously, they truly don’t know me like they thought they did.

Now I will have to go see these people for a different reason as they have told me that they probably wont be going to a 30 show. So I will be going to see Gas Light Anthem or just to see their wonderful faces and seeing terrific people in terrific places is a great thing to do.

A great bonus to 60+ shows was to see Neon Trees and Street Drum Corps.  I am so thankful to have Street Drum Corps in my life. For they are genuinely happy to see me when I go to a show of theirs and they actually stop what they are doing to say hello, give hugs and ask how I am doing. These guys and their extended crew actually like when I am there, they thank me, they are appreciative that I support them.

For those of you that aren’t aware yet….. I am going to be a grandmother. Yeah that is not a typo it is the truth. His name is Greyson Wayne Turk and he is said to make his grand entrance around March 23. Could even be a St Patty’s day baby.  Just because I am going to be a grandma, I will not stop loving my music, believing what I do and traveling to see my friends. I love this planet and want to see as much of it as possible.

On an ending note….. Have you ever been behind one of these and wondered umm when this thing starts again is that top car gonna fall on me???


So while this blog was not near as terrific as the first one, it will have to do. I guess the first one wasn’t meant to be.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to comments all of them


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