My therapy

As I trudge through the wet sand on this cold rainy day I still know this is where I need to be. The beach it’s my therapy, there is no amount of sitting on a couch, taking who knows what prescribed by said Dr across desk, this us my therapy. There is a drum circle in the distance only to be silenced by the breaking of the waves. If only I could stay here forever.
This was an eventful week, spent it with people who I know I matter. Also saw people who pretend I matter but as they crossed the street I knew I was nothing to them, not even a thought. There are so many of you on fb, twitter, instagram, everywhere. Why don’t you delete me? Guilt? Do you feel obligated in some way? The band had no problem and I was trying to do something nice for a birthday present but because I am not from NY, I was wrong and I was blocked ostracized and outcast. And until someone has the fucking guts to tell me different (and you know who you are) then that is the only reason I can figure. I have done nothing to warrant such actions taken by any of them.
See I told you the beach was my therapy.



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