It’s funny how

This post kinda reminds me of the movie “Its a Wonderful Life” Does anyone wonder exactly what impact we have made on the world or the people around us? If we had never existed would the world be a better place?


I haven’t been on twitter, Facebook, tumblr, or any other social media since that day when my life changed. It’s funny the people who you really thought were your friends well in the end you find out you were just a tweet away from extinction. I am only writing this for myself as none follows me here. On fb people only say happy birthday because they get a reminder not because they really remember. This next year will be quite I go to concerts? Do I buy a GT and see what happens? Do I waste my money traveling to see people whom I consider friends yet do they consider me one? Oddly in my heart I know the answer to this question. No matter how much you put into a friendship the other person has to also and if they don’t feel the same, then nothing will ever…

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