It’s funny how

I haven’t been on twitter, Facebook, tumblr, or any other social media since that day when my life changed. It’s funny the people who you really thought were your friends well in the end you find out you were just a tweet away from extinction. I am only writing this for myself as none follows me here. On fb people only say happy birthday because they get a reminder not because they really remember. This next year will be quite I go to concerts? Do I buy a GT and see what happens? Do I waste my money traveling to see people whom I consider friends yet do they consider me one? Oddly in my heart I know the answer to this question. No matter how much you put into a friendship the other person has to also and if they don’t feel the same, then nothing will ever change. So here I am at a fork in the road. There are so many people that I miss yet I know from recent events I am not. I know I shouldn’t care about what happened but I do and I care a lot.a while lot. I cry every night and what’s worse is I don’t have a clue as to what I did that was so wrong in the first place.





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    This post kinda reminds me of the movie “Its a Wonderful Life” Does anyone wonder exactly what impact we have made on the world or the people around us? If we had never existed would the world be a better place?

      • You know I was called a ‘Dumbass’ for raising a serious concern about how transvestites are always portrayed in a negative, prejudice Stereotype by Hollywood right? ..I laughed it off, but quite frankly it really made me lose a lot of respect for Jared. As for the ‘echelon’ well that concept is I’m afraid, completely lost to the past. You’ll notice I removed any association to it from my twitter account. To me it’s all just natural progression, but to others is very upsetting. Things change, but that doesn’t make it easy. Don’t let this knock back get you down .. and remember you can always set up another Twitter account that won’t be blocked 😉

      • I remember that and I think a few people set him straight. I like seeing people I considered friends and frankly I like barrier so I liked the GT. I think what hurt most was Shannon because I had much respect for him and we talked and he told me to my face if there was ever a problem he would tell me. So it hurts me a lot. I hope one day you and I can meet

      • I personally think Jared Leto has gotten too big for his britches and has forgotten where he came from. His Diva status is off the charts! . I know gay men that are less Divaish than him. He needs to be knocked off his pedastal a good 10 to 15 feet. He is NOT above reproach and he is NOT perfect as all these teenagers think he is. They call him master and dad and god. Once that is sacreligious for the Bible (and I am not very religious) says thou shall have no other Gods before me. He is just a man and he is ruining the lives of so many people I am learning everyday. I know there are a few of us that are trying to get the word out to take a stand. Perhaps a youtube video is what is in order.

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